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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Information

1) Customers will receive their seafood 1 working day upon ordering.

2) There is 1 delivery time slot daily from 2 pm to 7 pm.

3) The delivery fee is $10/trip.

4) Orders above $100 will have their delivery fee waived.

5) Please ensure that someone is available to receive the orders and our driver will contact you via the telephone number you submitted. If there are any changes to delivery timings, please notify us at +65 9341 3137 to make another arrangement by 11 am on delivery day.

6) Should no one be there during the delivery, products will be placed outside your door and our driver will give you a call. In addition, our driver will send you a video/picture of the product. Triton Seafood will not be liable for any loss/damage of goods placed outside of your house.


Return Policy

1) Products that meet order requirements and are not damaged cannot be returned.

2) If goods fail to meet order requirements upon inspection in the presence of our driver, a refund will be allowed and our driver will take back the goods. Refunds will be done through online transactions.

3) Triton Seafood reserves the right to refuse a refund if products fail to meet the below requirements.

    - Products must be returned in their original packaging.

    - Products have not been used/damaged.

    - There has to be proof of purchase either through an online invoice/physical invoice.

4) In the event that products that are delivered live die before being verified by the person receiving the delivery, Triton Seafood will provide a 1 to 1 exchange within the same day.

5) Should a refund be made, we encourage customers to check their bank account, contact their credit card company/ bank for verification purposes because it could take up to 1 working day for payment to be received.

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