Live Hybrid Grouper, also known as Pearl Grouper, is a cross breed between the Tiger Grouper and the Giant Grouper. Our groupers are locally farmed in Singapore under favourable conditions and meticulous care. Did you know that it takes a year for these groupers to grow to a size suitable for consumption?


We are dedicated to providing the freshest and healthiest seafood for our customers. Our favourite recipe is to steam this delicate fish and sprinkle a few drops of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and parsley!


Delivery will be done the next day upon order. Do contact us at +65 97665876 for same day deliveries or other arrangements.

Live Hybrid Grouper (龙虎斑) $/piece

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  • After descaling and degutting of our products, there will be a weight loss of ~100 to 150grams.

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