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Red Grouper Fish Soup

Ditch takeout and whip up a quick bowl of soup this weekend - we promise all the nourishment you need.


Red grouper fish (fillet)

3 cabbage leaves

50g tofu cubes

1 sliced whole tomato

½ sliced whole bitter gourd

30g dried fish sole

Ginger slices

Dried seaweed

White pepper powder


Chopped spring onions

Fried shallots

Fish stock cube (optional)


1. Break dried fish sole into smaller pieces and add in soup pot

2. Add in ginger and water and boil for 15 mins

3. You may add in seasoning such as fish cube if required

4. Add in cabbage, tomato and bitter gourd to soup to boil and soften

5. Add in red grouper fish to soup to cook

6. Add in tofu

7. Before serving fish soup, add dried seaweed, coriander, chopped spring onions and fried shallots to soup bowl

8. Sprinkle white pepper over

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