Exclusive Live Roe Mud Crab

Exclusive Hairy Crab
& Roe Mud Crab
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Restaurant Grade Seafood

Restaurant grade seafood

Competitive Prices for our Seafood
Next Day Delivery Available

Competitive prices

Next day delivery available


Triton Seafood Market delivers high-quality seafood at affordable prices straight to your doorstep. Enjoy live, frozen and fresh crabs, oysters, lobsters, fish and more imported from Alaska, Canada, and Indonesia!


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Featured on Channel 8

Triton Seafood Market was featured on Channel 8 for its high quality restaurant-grade seafood and excellent delivery service during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Check out a variety of seafood from crabs including our Mud Crab, Dungeness Crab or Alaskan King Crab to our delicious lobsters and oysters straight from Canada and Australia!

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Mud Crab (Indonesia)

Dungeness Crab (Pacific Ocean)

Flower Crabs (Locally wild caught)



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Australia Lobster 

Canadian Lobster 

Spiny Lobster (Southeast asia)



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Pacific Oysters (Vancouver, Canada)



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At Triton Seafood Market, we handpick only the best quality of seafood and deliver it to your home in 1 working day! What's more? If you spend over $50, we will deliver it to you for free!